Football World Cup 2006: Germany v. Sweden, Munich, Germany

Last part of our trip, we went back to Munich for the last sixteen game between Germany and Sweden. Again, we did not have tickets for the game, but it was shown on big screens in the Olympic Stadion and Germany being the hosts, the atmosphere was electric all day, and the party was fabulous after Germany’s victory. Don’t ask me how but we managed to crash an FHM party in the end!



Football World Cup 2006: France v. Togo, Cologne, Germany

Following Brazil victory over Japan, I realised it was impossible for me to be so close to a France game, and not watch them play. We travelled from Dortmund to Cologne and bought a pair of Category 1 tickets in the street. A bit pricey but well worth it ! France beat Adebayor’s Togo 2-0 and hence qualified for the knock-out stage. Icing on the cake: Vieira & Henry scored!


Football World Cup 2006: Brazil v. Japan, Dortmund, Germany

We absolutely wanted to go to that feature to see how Brazilians party. We took a train from Munich to Dortmund just to soak up the atmosphere. We also slept in a bizarre art installation, in what was officially a museum hotel, and Dortmund proved to be the best entertainment – night life and al. We had no match tickets and only saw the game on a screen, but the whole trip there was worth it.